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Pahang vs Terengganu

  • Monday, March 29, 2010
  • JeR@Ns
  • trip to Pahang to Terengganu
    trip utk subjek kitaran
    the most saving trip i ever have
    mkn 2 kali je yg kene byr.
    yg len free of charge..
    san tai wong
    mean king of the mountain
    lonely tree
    up-up and away
    yasir maaruf

    4 wheel drive challenge
    logging site
    she wrote my signature


    bad editing image

    sunset at cherating

    New Signature

  • Tuesday, March 23, 2010
  • JeR@Ns

  • Signature utk pic ak yg br

    Diri Ku Yang Kerdil

  • Monday, March 22, 2010
  • JeR@Ns

  • diri ku ini kerdil...
    tetapi ku ingin mengapai bintang dilangit yg tinggi...
    menatap keindahan malam bersama sinaran rembulan...
    bertemankan bintang-bintang berkelipan..

    diri ku kerdil...
    tetapi ku ingin meredah lautan luas terbentang....
    meredah ombak yang ganas melanda..
    mengutip cinta-cinta yang luas bertaburan..

    diri ku kerdil...
    ingin ku menawan hati si anak raja...
    bukan maksud ku untuk memilih cinta...
    hati yang tertawan akan ku turuti jua...

    diri ku kerdil...
    alam ini luas terbentang menghamparkan 1001 nikmat...
    aku hanya debu-debu kecil yang bertaburan...
    namun ku syukur akan hakikat kehidupan...

    Be Strong

  • JeR@Ns
  • wawawawa
    a lot of work needs to this week
    2 reports
    1 take home test
    the worse thing is my lappy was sick
    how i want 2 do my work??
    i want 2 format it,
    but a got a lot of work
    a lot of pic cannot been upload coz my lappy
    i can't edit my pic
    moreover internet too slow.
    the worse thing is suddenly i got credit with CELCOM
    i need 2 pay my bill about RM 179.75
    why i should pay it??
    i used prepaid not line.
    there must be something wrong..
    wtf CELCOM
    i need 2 go to the CELCOM branch.
    I'm a dead meat

    Malam Sejambak Budi Ke-26 (MSB 26)

  • Thursday, March 11, 2010
  • JeR@Ns
  • A season to remember...
    That the theme for our college dinner...
    That night is really "syok"..
    The dinner make us proud as a final year student..
    Actually i still not a final year student...

    But mostly my friends are the final year student...
    moreover i'm one of the high student council for my college...
    of course i need to participate in this dinner...
    the important one is i'm one of the top 6 king of the night...
    makan sireh ceremony...
    look at their face...
    it so terrible...

    behind the scene..
    all of the award recipient running to find water to remove the taste of sireh..
    credit to rai coz she was vomit after get off from the stage..

    the top 6 of king of the night...
    the third person from the left had become king...
    coz he got nice pink bow tie...
    black ribbon on his hair....

    the final year student...
    but sadly this pic not sharp and got the bad composition
    of course it not me who snap this pic

    the boys of MSB 26

    crazy expression from me and hudhud 

    LaLa, Has, Me and HudHud

    Bella and Su
    both of them got lovely dress


    ASLI 2010

  • Tuesday, March 9, 2010
  • JeR@Ns
  • the First ASEAN Student Leadership and Integrity....
    i love this event...
    really2 happening...
    i got friends with another country like singapore, vietnam, cambodia, and indonesia..
    the picture of ASLI delegation 

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